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The following list of Internet sites provide original, near-realtime satellite images or derived products. Section headings:
University/Commercial Sites | Government/Military | Europe
Western Pacific/Asia | Latin America | Glossary

Hurricane symbol = Special Realtime Tropical Storm Coverage Archive symbol = Archived Images

University/Commercial Sites (U.S., Canada, and Bermuda)
Site/LocationType of Imagery Available
Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) , Madison, WI NOAA AVHRR composites over Antarctica
Cloudsat Home Page, CSU, Ft. Collins, CO Archive symbol Space-borne radar images of hurricanes. Realtime quick-look images. 3-yr archive
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL GOES-East/West regional VIS, IR, WV, and radar (still and animations). High resolution (1 km) VIS sectors. County and major highway overlays.
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) Madison, WI Hurricane symbolArchive symbol GOES-East/West Sounder and Imager Products, "forecast" images, tropical storm sectors
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, FL Visible, IR, WV images and loops for CONUS, North and South America, Asia, Australia, and oceanic regions. Derived products for volcanic ash and IR-WV difference (convective diagnostic),
Geology.Com Colorized, clear-sky Landsat images of U. S. states, cities, plus most world countries.
University of Hawaii, Honolulu GOES vis, IR and WV sectors for Hawaii, Pacific and Atlantic Basins, plus U. S. mainland. GIF/JAVA movies
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Archive symbol Large scale remapped GOES-East/West Vis, IR, WV, composites, and movies. Four month archive.
Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab., Laurel, MD Archive symbol Click on 'Dynatrack' for a nice collection of colorized AVHRR images. One month+ archive.
Louisiana State U., Baton Rouge GOES-East current Vis/IR/WV/Color IR. 2 week archive of AVHRR.
NCAR Research Application Project (RAP) , Boulder, CO GOES multispectral (JPEG), derived products, close-up visible (1.5 km res.)
Ohio State University, Columbus GOES-East/West Vis/IR, WV, Color IR, Antarctic composites
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA GOES-East/West Vis/IR/WV, 8, 16 & 24 frame animations. Click on "E-Wall Home" for other products.
Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH Hurricane symbolArchive symbol GOES-East/West Vis/IR/WV, global Mollweide composites, GIF/MPEG movies, Satellite/radar composites for U. S. 12+yr archive (Pacific/Atlantic IR)
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA GOES-West Vis/IR/WV, plus animations. GFS model overlays.
UNISYS Weather (Former Purdue U. site) Hurricane symbol Archive symbol GOES-East/West Vis/IR/WV, +composites. 13 year archive + movies. Radar, model forecast data, hurricane tracks.
University of Washington, Seattle GOES-West/East Vis/IR/WV for past week. High resolution vis for Pacific NW
Weather Channel, Atlanta, GA Color-enhanced GOES visible, IR and water vapor for U.S.and regional views. Animations.
Weather Network, Mississauga, Ontario GOES IR and color radar composite images for Canada and the U.S.
University of Wisconsin, Madison Hurricane symbol Current GOES-East/West Vis/IR/WV, global color composites, Google Earth imagery, SST, "Forecast Satellite Imagery."
WSI Corporation (INTELLiCast), Billerica, MA Hurricane symbol Latest national, regional GOES remapped IR (small size)
Weather Bell Analytics, New York, NY Hurricane symbol GOES sectors over U.S. some combined with radar. Global full disk and multi-satellite remapped images, all with colorized terrain backgrounds.

Federal/State/Military Sites (U.S. and Canada)
Site/LocationType of Imagery Available
Arctic Cap Nowcast/Forecast System, NRL, Monterey, CA Nowcasts and forecasts of Arctic Ice coverage, depth and drift based on assimilation of high resolution satellite, buoy and atmospheric model data. Animations of last month and year. Two-year snapshot archive.
CLASS (formerly Satellite Active Archive (SAA)), NESDIS IPD Suitland, MD Archive symbol Archived data from U.S. polar (NOAA/DMSP) and geostationary (GOES) satellites in several formats.
Environment Canada, Montreal GOES-8/10 Vis/IR/WV of North and South America, with movie loops
Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Honolulu, HI Hurricane symbol Full disk MTSAT and METEOSAT IR, updated every 6 hours. T.S. bulletins.
NASA EOSDIS Worldview New Archive symbol Composite true color mosaics of NASA Aqua/Terra data with corrected reflectance. Multi-year archive
NASA Langley Research Center, Langley, VA Archive symbol GOES-East/West, NOAA AVHRR and MODIS image products to support the Atmospher ic Radiation Measurement (ARM) project. Multi-year archive.
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL Hurricane symbol Short-term Prediction and Research Transition (SPoRt) Center. Real-time multi-spectral imagery from GOES-East/West and POES (VIIRS) plus AIRS, CRIS and IASI sounder images.Japan's Himiwari multi-spectral full disk.
National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) (formerly NCDC), Asheville, NC Archive symbol GOES, POES, DMSP, and JPSS image data archives including data from GOES-16
National Centers for Environmental Information Earth Observation Group (NOAA/NESDIS), Boulder, CO. Archive symbol Imagery from S-NPP VIIRS including the Day/Night Band (DNB), DMSP OLS, SSM/I microwave
National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center, Kansas City, MO Multi-satellite (GOES, MTSAT, METEOSAT) IR composites of North Atlantic, North Pacific, South America, Asia/Europe. CONUS vis, IR and WV.
Naval Research Lab, Monterey, CA Hurricane symbol GOES-West Vis/IR/color WV (JPEG) for past 24-30 hrs. Tropical mercator images, derived products. MPEG movies. Model data overlain on some images.
"NexSat", Naval Research Lab, Monterey, CA Archive symbol Images and derived products from multiple U. S. satellites (NASA Aqua/Terra, GOES, NOAA, DMSP) to demonstrate the capabilities of future satellite systems such as NPOESS. Color composites, animations, archives.
Navy Fleet Numerical Meteorological & Oceanographic Center, Monterey, CA Hurricane symbol DMSP Vis/IR composites (low res.- 7km) for CONUS, E. Pac., W. Atlc. (Updated every 6 hours)
NESDIS/STAR Satellite Rainfall Estimates, College Park, MD Current derived heavy rainfall estimates from GOES IR and POES passive microwave data
NESDIS Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) College Park, MD Polar and geostationary global and U.S. composites (Polar Stereo and Mercator), aerosols, SST, soundings, MODIS composites for CONUS, Hazard imagery (tropical cyclones, fire and smoke, volcanic ash), 21-day GOES-West archive
NESDIS Satellite Services Division, College Park, MD Hurricane symbol GOES-West Vis/IR/WV over tropical East Pacific, Sounder Derived Product Imagery, snow cover, experimental fire products
NESDIS GOES-East Image Browser, College Park, MD New Hurricane symbol Current GOES-16(East only) 16-band multispectral and GeoColor images at Full Disk, CONUS, regional sector, mesoscale, and Atlantic tropical sector views
NESDIS GOES-West Image Browser, College Park, MD Hurricane symbol Archive symbol Current GOES-West (only) Vis/IR/WV + composites; Full Disk plus remapped regional sectors; 6 hr animations; Himiwari (Japan) and Meteosat (Europe) images also available
NOAA/NESDIS Imagery and Data Visualization, College Park, MD Unique imagery and animations of current conditions and special weather events using GOES, POES, and NWP models. Currrent and projected global climate conditions (temperature, SST, drought risk, fires, etc).
NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP), Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, CA Near real-time images from VIIRS on NPP for selected regions (California, Northeast U.S. and Gulf of Mexico). Products are Vis, IR, true color, and night vis.
Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch (RAMMB-NOAA/NESDIS), Ft. Collins, CO Hurricane symbol RAMSDIS online. GOES-East/West IR/Vis/WV/Fog/Albedo, sectors and Full Disk. Hurricane floaters

European Sites
Site/LocationType of Imagery Available
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Brussels Current global ozone analyses from ENVISAT
Free University of Berlin, Germany Latest METEOSAT IR, MPEG movies
Dundee University, Scotland NOAA AVHRR/HRPT IR/Vis
EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany Full disk and sectorized METEOSAT Vis,IR,WV, and derived products at 0W (MSG) and 57W, plus METOP images.
Meteo-France, Paris, France Colorized METEOSAT IR/vis of Europe, "Forecast" images (French only)
Meteorological Institute of Spain, Madrid Colorized METEOSAT IR of Europe, GOES/METEOSAT composites, SST, vegetation index (Spanish only)
Met Office, U. K. Large scale IR images of most continents, full disk, global composite
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Brussels Colorized METEOSAT IR/vis (topo. background)
Space Research Institute Moscow, RU NOAA AVHRR composites over Russia, eastern Europe. Current GOMS not available.

Western Pacific/Asian Sites
Site/LocationType of Imagery Available
Australia Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne MTSAT Vis, IR and color-IR of Australia and full Earth disk. Derived products (NDVI, SST, motion vectors, ice cover, etc).
India Meteorological Department, New Delhi INSAT Vis, IR and color-composite. 3-hourly full disk, India and Middle East coverage.
Kochi University, Japan MTSAT IR (JPEG), full disk, Japan/China sectors, MPEG movies
Weather Zone, Australia GMS IR, Vis, WV images of Australia/New Zealand, some colorized with lightning overlaid

Latin American Sites
Site/LocationType of Imagery Available
Argentine National Meteorological Service, Buenos Aires GOES Vis/IR/WV images of South America and Argentina (Spanish only)
Brazilian Space Institute (INPE) GOES Vis/IR/WV sectors of South America, composite GOES/MSG, latest NOAA/AQUA/TERRA sectors, fog images, precipitation estimates (English and Portuguese)

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